Carpet Cleaning

Our “on-demand” specialty services – like carpet and upholstery cleaning – are designed to complement our individualized cleaning routines. This provides another mechanism to minimize cost while maximizing cleanliness. We can usually be more cost effective than an outside vendor because we are already involved with cleaning your building.

Our preferred method of carpet cleaning is extraction carpet cleaning. Our high-efficiency water extraction machine removes water safely and quickly – minimizing damage to your flooring. Our van-mounted equipment is the best on the market.

Carpets are big investments and require routine maintenance and cleaning. Over time, carpeting collects debris, soil and dust from the air and can appear “dirty” and even cause damage to the fibers in the carpet.

We recommend a quarterly or even monthly carpet cleaning routine to maximize the life of your flooring. Carpets that are cleaned less often can require more and stronger chemicals than do carpets that are cleaned on a regular basis. Using the wrong products or excessive amounts of chemicals can also easily damage carpet fibers. In addition, some high-powered carpet cleaning solvents may even be harmful to the cleaning crew and your employees.

The newest addition to our cleaning arsenal is a high-powered cleaner that removes bacteria from hard surfaces (i.e. – bathroom stalls, tile walls, bathroom fixtures, etc.) and will leave tile grout looking brand new! With flu season and the associated concerns of illness and germs in the workplace, we recommend a thorough steam cleaning of your restrooms.

Peeples Professional Cleaning Service, Inc. will be happy to design a carpet cleaning/steam cleaning schedule individualized to your needs. We offer carpet/steam cleaning services throughout the Amarillo area and surrounding cities. Call D’Ray today for more information at 806-236-3000.